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Is Brain Death a Reliable Indicator of Irreversible Physical Death? Some People Have Defied The Odds

  The assumption that all functions of the entire brain (or those of the brain stem) in ‘brain-dead’ patients have ceased, is invalidated. Spinal Cord (2008) 46, 396-401. Brain death” never was, and never will be true death. This has been known by neurologists and organ transplant agents since the beginning of the multibilllion dollar industry. … Continue reading

Tributes, Shot outs, Dedications to Trayvon Martin

Songs & Ballads: Available in Video  Beyonce Knowles: I will Always Love You DGainz: ‘Me Against The World’ To Trayvon Martin   * Javis: Dear Trayvon–qxlJTpo&feature=player_embedded Jay-Z/Mr. Hudson: Forever Young Los: Wit My Hoodie On (Trayvon Martin Tribute) Official Video Lester Chambers Dedicates “People Get Ready Note: Lester is attacked at the end of the … Continue reading

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Justice for Trayvon Martin is prison for george zimmerman. It's the very least the legal system can do for this child and his parents.

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